Brush Panel Fencing

Solomit brush panels provide a natural, durable and top quality alternative to more traditional fencing and screening methods. brush panel fencing

Solomit Brush Panels

  • Provide a long lasting alternative to traditional fencing and walls.
  • Help breakup noise for traffic and other unwanted noise.
  • Are well suited for the 'Do It Yourself' person.
  • Have a variety of applications.

Solomit brush fencing will last from 20 to 30 years, and when installed correctly the panels will not rot or crack and are impervious to White Ants. Solomit Brush panels are machine compressed and stitched with galvanised wire, which provides a solid durable panel that helps break up unwanted traffic noise.

This makes Solomit brush fencing an attractive and cheaper alternative to brick fencing. Our manufacturing method produces a greater panel density and is far cheaper than the hand packed brush fence.

Solomit brush fence panels have many applications. IMPROVE your gardens appearance, use the panels as a windbreak around your pool, bar-b-que or tennis court or hide that unsightly garden shed, incinerator or pool filter.

For ease of handling standard panels are 1800 wide although various width panels can be manufactured. There are two standard heights produced, the 1800 high panel has 8 galvanised wires each side of the panel with individual galvanised staples holding the wires together. An identical wire and stitching method for the 1500 high panels. Only with 7 wires across the panels.

The wire spacing allows for both size panels to be cut horizontally to either 900 or 750 in heights across the face. The panel can be reduced in width to any size required. The panels can be successfully butt joined end to end to give the appearance of one continuous panel. The 1800 x 1800 x 50mm nominal panel weight varies on seasonal conditions but is usually about 65 Kg.

The density of the panel allows for various fixing methods to be used, screwing the panels directly on to the timber, post and rails, clipping to strained wires or fitting into a metal U frame system. All brush fences should always have a capping to protect the exposed top of the panels, whether this is a metal, timber or brush roll cap is a matter of personal choice.

We do produce a brush roll cap 1800 long that can be attached to the top once the panels have been installed. As with any project the end result depends on your willingness to put the time in to achieve the best result. The fixing for your project and attaching whatever capping chosen and the method required can be advised by our staff. For further information regarding Solomit brush panels or installation procedures, please contact us.


Solomit has been manufacturing brush bundles now for over thirty years. The manufacturing process involves compressing the brush bundles into a very dense solid panel with specialized machines, and this is held firm by several wire bands. The nature of the brush materials is known to help break up the level of sound (acoustic quality), whilst some of the noise is reflected back in the direction of the source. There is also a known  level of attenuation, that is where the sound penetrates through the panel to the other side.